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Gluten Free Luxury Berry Granola 500g

Gluten Free Luxury Berry Granola 500g


We all love berries and know how good they are for us, packed with antioxidants to slow Cancer growth, this granola is not only healthy but decadently delicious too!  We have made this delicious granola cereal in a re-sealable pouch for easy snacking on the go or just pouring into a bowl with some milk or yogurt. Our Granola is made with only the finest ingredients to create a bowl of perfection, we use certified Gluten Free whole grain rolled oats mixed with pure honey, protein-packed almonds, Crushed Cashews, juicy Cranberries, Blueberries, Freeze Dried Strawberries,  Vanilla extract, Himalayan Salt and Coconut Oil. It’ll put you on a healthier path to a nutritional lifestyle. The Nu Tree products are GMO Free and natural so you won’t find any artificial flavors, colours or preservatives in our granola. So go ahead and enjoy some of our delicious Gluten Free Granola!

Our Granola is the only one made in South Africa using imported certified gluten free oats.

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