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The name The Chocolate Tree and The Nu Tree are synonymous with health, innovation and quality. We are one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers of high quality health food products, and have been doing so for the last 30 years.

We cover every health aspect from Gluten Free, GMO Free and Organic. At The Chocolate Tree/The Nu Tree we manufacture products that follow a strict food safety procedure and we make sure that no cross contamination of products occurs.

As a company we believe that healthy choices leads to a healthy body, and in our small little company where nutrition is our roots, we aspire to achieve the best we can for all our customers. Providing customer satisfaction, at a competitive price. Innovation and excellence is what we strive for and anything less is unacceptable.


  • To recognise the needs of various niche markets.
  • To enable parents to provide their children with healthy alternatives to sweets and chocolates.
  • To cater for the health–conscious, and contribute towards a balanced nutrition.
  • To provide a palatable and satisfactory alternative for those with dietary restrictions or health limitations.
  • To try source and manufacture preservative free, artificial flavouring free, GMO free and Organic products.

The Nu Tree, is our relaunched brand that use to be The Soul Tree. The Nu Tree focuses on our stance of “ Where Nutreetion is in our roots” . We offer a large variety of products ranging from flours, nuts, seeds, cereals, dried fruits, and grains. All these products have their own Nutreetional benefits. Healthy eating means a Nutreetional lifestyle and we aim to provide that for our customers.

The Chocolate Tree is synonymous with delicious, mouth watering and tasty treats! Whether its seed bars, top coated rice cakes or corn wafers you want, we know you will come back for more. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, try our product and see.

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